AVA SPACE: Building the next Unicorn

In this article, AVA SPACE presents to you our precautions for future investments related to the company’s share capital and profit: the crypto project.

By investing in crypto projects with a considerable potential for a long period of time, we ensure a capitalization that will inevitably (not financial advice) reach, in our opinion, 1 billion dollars. And up to that point, by resorting to cryptocurrencies with high APR on staking, we can guarantee a secure and constant income that can be reinvested in the project, and any surplus money from staking will be returned to our investors.

This approach allows us to have a capsule that regularly picks up tourists, and can double as the much-needed technology to send equipment to high altitude, a notable plus that has potential to attract many more customers. For instance, The European Space Agency or private companies that want to test their equipment or perform experiments in such conditions as if they were in space.

Alternatively, we can send people to perform these experiments inside the capsule when it is not completely ready or comfortable enough for tourist flights.

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