Introducing AVA SPACE


Relatively safe and notably affordable, Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic are leading space tourism through a remarkable influx of capital and interest. That being said, a return flight from the Karman Line takes a matter of minutes, yet it is responsible for mass pollution and hazardous forces of up to 5G, calling for a cutting-edge solution to transform space travel.


Powered by elegance and simplicity, AVA Space is here to challenge the status quo, working on a behind-the-scenes solution. Founded by Auguste Piccard in 1931, before 8 others followed suit, this smooth, comfortable and non-polluting spaceflight technology comprises a pressurized capsule attached to a hydrogen balloon, capable of climbing to an altitude of 35 km.
After 90 years of technological development, this high-altitude technology has become accessible to all, requiring zero technical knowledge and capital worth only a few hundred.
Towards the end of 2020, Space Perspective raised $7 million in the first round of funding, immediately after its inception. With the first manned flight scheduled for 2024, the company has sold 300 tickets for a total of $37.5 million, bringing its potential market capitalization to half a billion USD.
How do we plan to raise capital as a private company? After organizing a stock tokenization process, we anticipate reaching a total of 1,000,000 shares in the first phase, later followed by 66,666 shares, each one sold for $30. Intending to meet $2M in funding and liquidity in order to move forward the project, we predict a fluctuation in value, before reaching billions of dollars as we progress. Additionally, 30% of the capital can be invested in cryptocurrencies, offering an invaluable opportunity for the long-term capitalization of the company.


Innovation is often met with scepticism, before gaining momentum and, eventually, reshaping industries, economies and futures. Ultimately, AVA Space sees the bigger picture, overlooking cynicism. Championing a large-scale adoption of the hydrogen balloon technology, we anticipate a paradigm shift in the space tourism industry, fuelling a remarkable value creation mechanism.
With a billion-dollar potential, meeting maximum liquidity and raising capital in just 6 weeks, we’re left with one question: What are you waiting for? If you want to feel the heat, it’s time to ignite the fuse.

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